Year 5

Classes :
Year 5 Pearl (Class Teacher – Mrs Kibblewhite)

Year 5 Silver  (Class Teacher – Mrs Standing)

Learning Goal:   Autumn 2017  

Autumn 2017 flow chart outlines the learning to be covered across the year group this term.  Our main topic will be based on the Anglo-Saxons and later the study of the Tudors. This week we launched our Science topic on Earth and Space through, music, movement and art. The content that we study will be influenced by your child’s enthusiasm so if you or your children have any ideas or particular interests surrounding our topics, please complete the attached form. In addition, if you have any information or artefacts at home, it would be nice for your child to share these with their peers in school.

If you have the opportunity, please take your child to the library so that s/he can read about the topics mentioned overleaf. Any support that you give to your child is important as this will contribute towards us having an enjoyable and successful year.

Homework – this will be given out on Fridays and will be due back the following Wednesday. All pupils will have a homework wallet in which each homework task will be outlined. There will be literacy, maths and comprehensions most weeks. The children will have a reading journal to complete most literacy-based homework tasks including Guided Reading tasks.  In addition, we will provide children with a separate homework book for completing Maths and topic-based tasks. This will avoid bits of paper getting crumpled or lost. Additional science or topic homework may also be given. In Year 5 homework is compulsory.

School equipment – children should have a suitable bag in which to carry homework and guided reading books should be kept in their wallet. It is most helpful if each child has their own labelled pencil case, with pens, pencils, rulers and coloured pencils.

PE kit – Please could you ensure that your child has a labelled indoor and outdoor kit for the year. Also check that plimsolls fit. The children need to have PE kit in school every day as PE lessons may vary during the week.

Uniform – As your child is now in Year 5, it is important to set a good example to younger pupils. Please could you ensure that your child continues to wear the correct school uniform and that s/he follows rules, such as not wearing jewellery.

It is equally important that your child conforms to the behaviour code of the school and is a good role model to younger year groups.

Contact – We are happy to discuss any issues with you before or after school. Please go to the school office and one of the administrators will fetch us. If the issue is likely to take a little longer to discuss then please telephone or email to make an appointment. If we need to see you for any reason, we will send a message home with your child.

We are certain that we are going to have a happy and successful year together.

Mrs Standing & Mrs Kibblewhite

Y5 Autumn term flowchart 2017