Classes :
Nursery (Class Teacher – Mrs Gratton)

During these first important years of your child’s school life, our aim is to offer a stable, stimulating, happy and secure environment, within which your child has the opportunity to develop his or her full potential.
Your child is an important individual who comes to school with a wealth of language, independence and knowledge.
Our aim is to build upon this and celebrate your child’s individuality, whilst extending his or her physical, intellectual, social and emotional development.

Work or Play?

Work and play go hand in hand in the Foundation Stage. Play is a very important feature of children’s early learning. Through play children explore and develop learning experiences, which help them make sense of the world.
We aim to provide opportunities for learning through play. It is through play that children practise and consolidate learning, play with ideas and develop what they know.
In play, children take risks, negotiate, solve problems, initiate, anticipate, rearrange, restate, reflect and integrate their knowledge and understanding.
Children will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of carefully planned activities, to work in small groups with an adult and to work and play as part of a larger group over the course of a week.

The School Environment

The children have access to indoor and outdoor learning environments and small group rooms. They use the school hall for music and movement sessions and PE. When appropriate, they attend assemblies with the rest of the school.

The School Day

15 Hour Nursery

Starting and finishing times: Nursery 8.45am to 11.45 am
15 hours Nursery children do not stay for lunch

30 Hour Nursery

Starting and finishing times: Nursery 8.45am to 2.45 pm
Lunch: 12 pm to 1 pm

Fruit and Milk Time

A mid-morning snack of fruit and milk or water is provided every day for the children. Milk is free for under 5’s, if you would like your child to have milk please apply to Coolmilk, the details are in your pack. Fruit is provided free of charge courtesy of a Government funded Healthy Eating scheme.

Autumn 2018

Nurersy Aut 1 Flowchart 2018