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Spring Grove to The Green School by Rafferty Collis

The transition from Primary School to Secondary School was made as smooth as possible by the staff not only at The Green School for Boys (TGSB) but also by the Year 6 teachers at SGPS. This allowed the change to feel normal. There were, as expected, moments when I found it tough at Secondary School, ie: the heavy load of homework, which, did not come as a bit of a shock to me, but also to many, many, others.

In November, I was awarded one of the highest accolades available at secondary school; a Jack Petchey Award. The Jack Petchey foundation was set up to inspire children and develop them in their entrepreneuring skills. When awarded the JP award, you get a framed certificate and a £250 which you are allowed to choose where the money is spent on within school. I was awarded the JP award for my support of others. I ‘demonstrated daily the principle of doing unto others as you would have done to you’. I felt extremely proud to have been given this award.

Last week I went to the Watermans Theatre in Brentford where I received a JP medallion from the Mayor of Hounslow.

At Secondary School, you can take up so many more opportunities than you could at primary school, eg: being House Captain. For myself, one of the opportunities I am most proud of is being the Editor of the TGSB magazine, REACH.

Advice I would give to current Year 6 pupils would be to be resilient. Secondary School is hard, no-one I know has found Secondary School an easy-going experience. There are ups, and downs, because that’s life, and if you are resilient, you will be able to leave those downs behind you, move on, and focus on the ups instead. If you are going to TGSB, or any school, then I suggest that you are constantly Reaching Beyond your Grasp. If you do this, you will not only go far in school, but you will go far in life.

Rafferty Collis
June 2018

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    Congratulations. All the best

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