The Headteacher and Deputy Head lead the school; they are assisted and supported by senior teachers who form part of the Leadership Team.  In addition to this, most members of staff have responsibility for leading teaching and learning in an area of the curriculum or an area of school life. The school has a number of teaching assistants who work alongside teachers in the classroom to support learning.  All are well trained to support the needs of the children.

 Spring Grove Staffing 2016- 2017
Ms M.Buckby

Mrs B. Chohan

Mr R. Kendall

Mrs K. Sunda

Mrs L. Kibblewhite

Mrs N. Standing

Miss R. Griffiths

Miss  H. Goodwin

Mrs E. Nixon/Mrs N Proctor

Mrs M. Hambrier

Miss H. Moore

Mrs A. Gratton

Mrs K. Ashley-Bhinge

Mrs Y. Taylor

Mrs J.Rugg

Miss N. Goddard

Mrs L.Sisodia

Ms T. Manlow

Ms H. Trew

Mrs S. Sanchez

Mrs C.Brown

Ms K. Bochnowska

Mrs H. Nandra

Mrs. A. Parulekar

Ms J. Walker

Mrs K. Simon

Mrs A. Le Coultre

Mrs K. Tyler

Ms M Jaga

Mr J.Collis


Mrs L.Sisodia

Mrs. N. Bala

Mrs H Farah



Deputy Headteacher

Year 6 Jet (ICT, Maths, French)

Year 6 Onyx (SEND Co)

Year 5 – Pearl (Literacy, Outdoor learning, art, community development)

Year 5 – Silver (Music)

Year 4 (Sport, PSHE)

Year 3

Year 2

Year 1 (Travel, School Council)


Nursery  (EYS co-ordinator)

KS2 Teacher

TA – KS2


TA – KS2

TA –Early Years

TA – Year 1 SEN support

TA – Year 2

TA – Year 1

TA – Reception

TA – Year 2

TA Nursery/KS2





Welfare/Senior First Aider/TA

Admin/Welfare/Senior First Aider

Site Manager


Mrs D.Hobday

Mrs P. Simoes

Mrs B. Turska


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    We offer you a warm welcome and thank you for showing an interest in Spring Grove Primary School.

    Spring Grove is a happy school with a positive and inclusive ethos, within which we aim to make everyone feel safe, secure and valued. We are proud of our diverse cultural community and encourage all children to achieve their personal best, academically and socially. We believe that children flourish when home and school work together. We encourage parents to become involved in their children’s education and the life of the school. We aim to work with parents and carers to develop caring attitudes, thoughtfulness, mutual respect, self discipline, self confidence and good manners alongside academic progress. We treat all of our pupils as unique individuals who will become independent learners and view their education as a positive experience.

    Ms M. Buckby

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      Tue, 7 November
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